August 20th, 2019

Федя с очками

"Трофейные" Т-80 и Т-90 в США

Американские танкисты клевещут на форумах сравнивая М1А1 с Т-80/90, прямо таки вливая свежую струйку в старые дискуссии:

[Оригинальный английский текст от Glenn Girona, former 19K M1 Armor Crewman at U.S. Army (1995-2004)]
Glenn Girona, former 19K M1 Armor Crewman at U.S. Army (1995-2004)

In 1999, a captured T-90 and T-80 were tested to be unable to penetrate the front turret of an M1A1 with any ammo available at 500m

Conversely the old M829A2 had little difficulty doing the same out to 3500mThe M1 has better sights and fire control than the T80 too in a duel starting at range, I’d bet on the M1 every time.

The T80’s only chance is sneaking up on and getting a good side or rear shot on an M1.
When I was a member of a Foreign Technology Assessment team in the mid 90s till 2001 We did Have a fresh Russian T-90 delivered to us in 1999, the scuttlebut was that it was sold to us by defecting troops in Chechnya, the Major who delivered it was not terribly interested in telling me a simple Specialist E-4 how he got it. Delivered shortly afterwards were 5 really new looking 3BM48 Depleted Uranium projectiles, Again details of how and when those were acquired were not forthcoming. The T-80 we had was given to us by the U.K. MOD before I joined the team. That one is no secret, they bought them though a shell company and when it was made public, in typical British fashion, they casually told the world it was true.
The T80 and by extension the T90 could not penetrate the front of an M1A1 turret at 500m full stop.

The M829A2 only started having problems with the T-90s armor to include ERA package over 3200m (WE DID NOT ACTUALLY SHOOT THE T90, the turret was sectioned and the armor reproduced, probably to a better standard than the original)

Hitting an M1 with a T-90 at over 2500meters is a fun game of random round dispersion.

Фото Т-90 из под Ханассера для привлечения внимания. Надо отметить что после попадания в башню из ПТРК загорелся не танк, а брезентовый чехол на ЗПУ, порванные патроны в коробе и  наваленные экипажем на броне тряпки.

Перевод: В 1999 году трофейные Т-90 и Т-80 показали свою неспособность пробить фронтальную часть башни M1A1 с 500 метров, любыми доступными на тот момент  боеприпасами.

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